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The healing practice

I find it very humbling to consider that each of us is innately spiritual, that each of us has a direct  relationship with the divine Principle, Love.

My role as a Christian Science practitioner is to help bring that relationship more clearly into focus, through specific prayer.

That clearer view is what’s needed for healing.

lobl12-smallI first came across Christian Science in my early twenties, and even a tiny glimpse of the spiritual viewpoint that Christian Science gives was enough to radically change my life.  I began, through prayer, to have physical healings and other kinds of problems were also resolved.  Gradually the good that I was experiencing spilled over into helping others experience healing. My practice grew and in 2006 I became listed as a full-time practitioner in The Christian Science Journal, in Central London, and also in Surbiton, Greater London, where I  live with my husband Tony.  In 2012 I became listed as a Christian Science teacher.

At the time I found Christian Science I was working as a computer programmer, after graduating from Melbourne University, Australia, with a B.Sc.  I left that career to become a Christian Science nurse, and worked in that profession in various capacities, including institutional and home nursing, on-the-job training and class room teaching.  I also gained a Diploma in Education and worked as a supply teacher in primary schools, then with adults labelled as developmentally disabled.  I also worked in the Treasurer’s office at The Mother Church, in Boston USA, before returning to London in 2004, where I managed a central London Reading Room before becoming Journal-listed as a Christian Science practitioner.

* photograph of London Eye by Phil Monger (Flickr creative commons)